IELTSedits specializes in helping IELTS students with their writing skills.

IELTSedits has a team of experienced English and IELTS teachers ready to help you. All of our teachers have taught IELTS for over 5 years and some have trained as IELTS examiners with the corresponding experience and expertise that brings.

Several in our team have taught in various countries for over 12 years and have written and published IELTS books.

Most of our teachers also have extensive experience in helping undergraduate and postgraduate students with their university dissertations. Josh Hancock – Founder of IELTSedits – has written and published the following IELTS books now available on Amazon.

IELTS – General Writing Task 1

Nowadays, if people want to communicate in writing to someone else it is usually by e-mail, SMS (text messages) or MSN. Text language has become the norm – LOL, BTW, IMHO are just a few of the many abbreviations used. It seems that the art of writing is a thing of the past.

People who want to take the General IELTS exam need to be able to write a formal or informal letter that is at least 150 words in length and do this in about 20 minutes. This is Writing Task 1.

By following the suggestions given in this book, and with some actual writing practice, you will find that you will be able to write the kind of letter that will impress the examiner and, more importantly, get the grade you need.

Academic IELTS – Task 1 Writing

The aim of this book is to help students write Task 1 more easily and more quickly. Completing it in 20 minutes or less is certainly possible and is a target they should aim for. While speed is important, they will also be introduced to the best vocabulary and phrases to use for each paragraph – Introduction – Overview – Main Body – and shown the common grammar mistakes that many students make.

IELTS Writing – 7 or Above

Learning to write a grade 7.0 Task 2 IELTS essay is made a lot easier by the practical approach to writing used in – IELTS Task 2 Writing – 7 or above.

By learning what your IELTS examiner is looking for when he marks your Task 2 essay, you can focus more clearly on what will help you write a good essay.

The different types of essay and how they affect the structure of your essay are clearly explained and lead to the step by step approach of looking at each part of the essay in turn – introduction, main body, conclusion.

Throughout the book you are encouraged to write the practice essays offered and incorporate some of the many cohesive phrases shown to you to help make your essay more academic and more formal. Model essays are given at the back of the book.

Academic Wordlist in Use

The Academic Word List in Use is ideal for students wishing to go overseas to study and for people who do not have academic goals of this kind but are travelling overseas for holidays, business trips, or to work in an English speaking country and need help developing their vocabulary range for other reasons. Learning the Academic Word List (AWL) increases your ability to understand academic text by 10% It makes sense, therefore, to work with the AWL which is a list of 570 words.

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