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IELTSedits will give you the guidance and support you need to improve your writing skills.

How does the IELTSedits service work?

  1. Pay for your writing task LINK
    If you prefer, you can pay for a group of tasks in advance and then send one at a time. You can then use the feedback from each Student Report to improve the subsequent tasks.
  2. Choose your Task 1 or Task 2 questions from our website or from any other sources you have. Please send them as Microsoft Word, jpg or PDF files.
    General IELTS Task 1 
    Academic IELTS Task 1
    Task 2 
  3. To give a real feeling for the test, use pen and paper to write your task, and then type your task out on the computer exactly as you wrote it. (Mistakes included!) Write it in exam conditions using the allotted amount of time for your task:
    Task 1 – 20 minutes with 150 words minimum
    Task 2 – 40 minutes with 250 words minimum
    By doing this, we can make a true assessment of your ability.
    If you prefer to type your answers directly on your computer (missing out the writing by hand stage) make sure you switch off the “Spelling & Grammar” function in your text editing software!

    NOTE: typed Microsoft Word documents are easier and faster for us to correct and return to you.

  4. Send us your writing tasks by e-mail to: ieltsedits@gmail.com
  5. Your tasks will usually be returned with your Student Report LINK within 24 to 48 hours.